Vatsal Patel Vrsai

William Rupe

Cancer is a very scary experience. Dr Patel is very informative and very professional. He’s very comforting. When I first developed cancer on my neck, it was very scary. I could not get answers from anybody. I was balled around for several months as my cancer kept growing. Dr Patel was very expedient in his service which is very good since I really wanted some answers. I like the fact that he answered every question I had for last 6 months in one visit. He’s also expediting my treatment. When you hear cancer, it’s kind of scary. It’s overwhelming. My family was scared too that I might die of cancer. Dr Patel gave me a lot of Hope in treatment of my tonsil cancer. I thought it was lymphoma first. Dr Patel clarified that it’s squamous cell carcinoma. I would definitely recommend him with five stars.