Vatsal Patel Vrsai

Ginnie Munns

Compassionate doctor for Dupeytren’s Contracture

Walking in here, I was very apprehensive but the moment I came in to see Dr. Patel, I was completely put at ease by Dr. Patel’s demeanor and his staff. Everything was explained to me in completeness, nobody talked over my head or talked down to me. Everything was completely easy to understand. As a result, going into the treatment I understood what was being done. Dr. Patel was very meticulous, very compassionate. I was in extremely knowledgeable hands and that was important to me. The treatment was working. I was discouraged to get radiation treatment for discouraged my Dupeytren’s contracture. I had great outcome with Dr. Patel’s treatment and all my symptoms from it are now gone. I did my research and my research led me to Dr. Patel. Dr. Patel was well-versed in literature for this condition. He treated me as an individual and it made all of the difference. He treated me and my case as an individual and not a statistic. He treated me as a whole and not as a symptom.