100 & 1 Dreams

‘Flirting with wine, until she’s mine.’


100 and 1 Dreams Book Summary:

‘Flirting with wine, until she’s mine.’

Riddled with sarcasm and drama, 100 and 1 Dreams showcases Doctor Rudra’s experience with the subtle and not so subtle flavors of wines to unlock his personal favorite. As he encounters and/or dates his options of girls and women that he refers to as different wines, he unravels potential partners that stir up some magic in his life but none end up being the “1” love he is looking for.

100 and 1 Dreams, though entirely a work of fiction, is inspired by real-life experiences of the author whose experience with the Indian matrimonial search and dating was less than ideal. It is a totally fictionalized version of these dating and matrimonial experiences, sprinkled with a sense of exaggeration and humor. 100 and 1 Dreams immerses the audience into a freaky, playful mood as the list of wines goes on. From unpacking a range of feisty and sensitive wines to bold and badass ones, it becomes difficult to stop the ‘Rude’ in Rudra as he experiences the comprehensive menu of wines, looking for true love.

Rudra’s taste buds keep fluctuating but his thirst for love only gets more complicated once he is exposed to several matches. With the endless struggle to succeed at scoring the ultimate wine from the 100 and 1 Dreams, will Rudra keep fantasizing over perfection, or will he wake up from his hundred illusions of a conventional Indian matrimonial ideal to discover the 101th unconventional forbidden wine dream turn into a reality?

Join Rudra’s wine quest in 100 and 1 Dreams and drool over a mixture of overwhelming options through the Indian matrimonial venues and other dating venues to discover the hidden tricks and flags concealed in the name of love.