Patient Reviews

A jewel in the world of medicine today

Dr. Patal provided top-notch kind, empathic, and thorough care. He never rushed an appointment, and made himself available and responsive outside of office hours. It is obvious he is dedicated to his patient’s and their care, and I would recommend him without reservation.

Dr. Patel and Staff at GensisCare

I was under the care of Dr. Patel for six weeks. Entering the clinic with fear of the unknown was causing me to panic. I was shocked that I had to have six weeks of radiation. Dr. Patel took time with me to explain all that would take place during my time at the clinic. He did not rush me…he…

Brenna Rajewich
amazing bedside manners

Dr Vatsal Patel has really amazing bedside mannerisms. I and my dad John Barajas would give him a 10, but since we can only give a 5, I will keep 5 for later. When my dad first came to Dr Patel, he was in a lot of pain. Now he have none. He actually feels really good. Dr Patel designed an…

John Barajas.
Really Nice Doctor!

I will tell others to go see Dr. Patel because he is really nice doctor. I am very grateful for having the kind of service he provides. A good doctor who has advised me, questioned me, and worked with me to get things done, whatever needs to get done.

Anita Woods
great person

Doctor was a great person and I really loved that he communicated everything with me. Awesome job. Dr. Patel is treating me for my classical Kaposi’s sarcoma, as Doctor Patel explained to me.

Kaposi’s sarcoma patient
Extremely knowledgeable and capable oncologist

I would say Dr. Patel is very friendly, thorough, and helpful. He makes you feel comfortable in that you know things will get better. You feel hopeful that things will get better. When he says something is gonna get done, it’s gonna get done – you feel confident about it. I am referring to the…

Mr and Mrs. Susan and Robert Allaire
Awesome doctor

Dr Vatsal Patel has great knowledge about radiation treatment and is willing to do anything else that the patient needs. He is awesome.

Kenneth Cook

He is a good doctor. He explained everything for us. He was clear in everything. Helpful. He is so nice so good excellent. He educated us on radiation.

Bushra Hasan
Awesome First Impression with Dr. Patel

We have been given the round around in regards to what is the next step in my husband treatment for post prostate care. Dr. Patel was informative, aggressive and able to address our concerns and immediate needs for treatment. We are very satisfied with moving forward with his recommendation.

M&D Bostwick

I enjoyed that the doctor talk to me. He held nothing back. He explained everything very well. They don’t try to lie to me and tell me all the truth about what’s going on. I am scared about pet scan results but I am glad Dr. Patel took the time to explain the results in detail and the…

Elizabeth Coleman.
Personable, Informative

Doctor Patel was very informative. He explained what the treatment side effects will be. What the plan will be. How much radiation dose will be delivered for positive margin. He is very personable.

Sharon D.

I was very nervous for todays appt. after speaking to Dr. Patel I felt more comfortable to continue to get treatment. Perfect visit. Dr. Patel explained very well.

Prostate cancer patient
Dr. Patel

Dr. Patel is personable and inspires confidence.

Al Lamanna
Compassionate doctor for Dupeytren’s Contracture

Walking in here, I was very apprehensive but the moment I came in to see Dr. Patel, I was completely put at ease by Dr. Patel’s demeanor and his staff. Everything was explained to me in completeness, nobody talked over my head or talked down to me. Everything was completely easy to understand. …

Virginia Munns
Angelic compassionate

Dr. Patel was God-sent angel in my life. he is very compassionate towards my feelings and understands what I am going through. He is currently treating me for my base of tongue cancer. Dr. Patel coordinated dental extractions and got me medications needed to get through the treatments. He…

Ernest Lopez

Dr. Patel and his staff are very kind, efficient. Dr. Patel explains things very well. He’s pleasant. It’s very predictable which is good for me. The place is clean. I also like the goldfish they have in a tank in the waiting room.

For me, Dr. Patel is like having God on this Earth

I will start by saying that I have been a patient of Dr. Patel for several months now. I am now 75, lived in Modesto all of my life. In November 2021 I got the misfortune of finding out that I had lymph node cancer in my neck. From my very first visit to Dr. Patel, I honestly could not believe that…

Michael Kurland

Dr. Patel is very experienced and very informative. Wanting to have a successful outcome for the patient. It sounds like it’s going to be a piece of cake, hopefully everything will fall into place. Dr. Patel is very upfront and very encouraging as well. He said the treatment would be miserable…

Janalene Christian
first appointment,

very informative, compassionate, felt comfortable with his information and his person

Excellent Oncologist!!!

Dr. Patel has all the qualities a cancer patient desires in an oncologist. He answered all of my questions. He treated me with radiation last year and once again he will be treating me this year. He is kind, patient, and professional.

Thuraya Odisho
awesome staff

my consultation with Dr Patel was very informative and through. I highly recommend him and his staff.

C Gomez
very knowledgeable, very nice doctor

Dr. Patel is very polite and very respectful. He is treating me for my laryngeal cancer. My cancer had been growing for years and was ignored by other doctors. Finally when I was referred to Dr. Patel, he expediently had tracheostomy placed for me through effective communication with an…

Kathy Sweetin
Excellent experience.

I feel very comfortable talking to Dr. Patel. He is so understanding and is very caring and friendly. Some doctors are not. Dr. Patel has more love for the patients. He treated me three times for my cancer including SBRT for lung. I have had an excellent experience with Dr. Patel.

Sonia Jimenez-Santoya
Very Comforting

Dr. Patel has explained everything in depth, to the questions that we had. He is very well, soft spoken, with a great need of helping my mother. Very sympathetic and straight to the point.

very compassionate doctor

My experience with Dr. Patel has been excellent. Dr. Patel is a very compassionate doctor. He treated me twice for my cancer. He does tender loving care for his patients. He scheduled us right away very prompt. I give him 10 out of 10 for his service.

Flora Bets
pleasant (skin cancer patient’s relative here)

They got me in the clinic right away. Dr. Patel and staff were very prompt. Dr. Patel explained everything well for first time since my dad did not have radiation before. Sometimes you go to doctor, you don’t know what to expect your blood pressure goes up. Dr. Patel was pleasant.

Daughter of Jose Hernandez
Highly Recommended

Dr.. Patel and staff are welcoming and friendly. Time is not an issue if there are questions to be asked and answered. I would highly recommend this Treatment Facility! All in all this has been a great experience!

V.L. Howell
Great experience with Dr Patel


Cancer patient
very informative and comforting!

Cancer is a very scary experience. Dr. Patel is very informative and very professional. He is SO comforting. When I first developed cancer on my neck, it was very scary. I could not get answer from anybody. I was balled around for several months as my cancer kept growing. Dr. Patel was very…

William Rupe
Dr. Patel is Excellent!!!

Dr. Patel is a good guy. He is very personable. The impression i got is that dr Patel is quite knowledgeable. He is very sincere. I get great vibes from him. Same vibes I got from my medical oncologist, the other Dr. Patel. I had some doctors in the past who were acting like gods. Dr. Patel…

Multiple myeloma patient
Head/Neck Cancer Patient

Staff and doctors are very friendly and knowledgeable. Any questions or concerns they are always happy to answer and console. Each visit has been conducted in a professional and timely manner.

Head/Neck Cancer Patient

Very knowledgeable and easy to talk with. Explains the situation well and the path forward. Always has your quality of life in mind.

Rectal Cancer patient
Initial Visit/Consultation

Dr. Patel was very empathetic, informative and patient. Dr. Patel put me at ease while answering all my questions regarding my diagnosis. He made me very confident that I am in good hands.

Ronald Ikenberry
First time meeting with Dr. Patel

Very informative. Doctor has good communication skills, easy to talk to. Great explanations of the procedure.

Breast cancer patient
Great experience

Dr. Patel really helped me. He is a very good doctor. I really recommend him.

Maria Medina
Personable and Caring

Dr. Patel and team, especially the technicians made me feel very comfortable during my treatment. Everyone was very personable and caring.


Dr. Patel is very thorough. He explains everything and he listens to what patients have to say.

Kathleen Williams
Good Doctor

Dr. Patel listens to your questions and answers them really thorough. He uses words that you can understand unlike some doctors.

Prostate Cancer

Dr. Patel is great! He is very caring and genuinely concerned about his patients, their care and outcome. He explained the entire process at the beginning and the weekly visits are perfect. His treatment plan appears to be dialed in and working as designed, and explained. Wonderful doctor and I am…

Skin cancer head and neck
Dr. Patel

Very good experience with my treatment. The staff is great and helpful, doctors are genuinely concerned and informative.

Richard De Jesus
Positive Experience

Smooth running and efficient office. Staff is courteous and conscientious of your time. Provider and staff are caring and compassionate. Received excellent care.

Breast Cancer Patient
great and wonderful doctor

Very informative about radiation treatments. Very hospitable and great, great doctor.

Ronda Cervantes
Cancer Treatment

Treatment going well, Dr Patel is on top of everything. Recommending remedies for any systems I had.

Len Freitas
great and caring physician

Dr. Patel treated me for my bladder cancer. He is very personable. High Competence in what he is doing. He spends time with his patients and all of their families. he is a person who is caring and interested in his patients. And you don’t get those a lot of times today.

N. Resso

I would describe Dr. Patel as very efficient, very patient, and making sure that I have no questions. He answered all of my questions and l like that. And he is very honest about the situation, which is a good thing.

De Signori

I came into the office, checked in. I went to the back changed and waited to be called. Two people came in after me. I went to front desk to ask if I was forgotten. I came to learn that my appointment was at 3:30 and I told them that this was not correct. After three people went ahead of me,…

The Compassionate Doctor

Dr. Patel is currently treating my wife for her locally advanced vulvar cancer. I feel that Dr. Vatsal Patel is very informative and believes in what he was doing. I think Dr. Patel has as lot of compassion for his patients. What my wife is going through his horrific, but Dr. Patel held our…

The Prestons.
very understanding and very patient

I am a caretaker for Mr. Mike Hernandez, who has lung cancer. Dr. Patel has been very patient and understanding and is always willing to listen.

Raj (caretaker) for Mr. Mike Hernandez.
understanding and knowldgeable

If “very likely and best doctor” is the best score to recommend Dr. Patel, I would give him that best rating. He is very friendly and extremely knowledgeable. Dr. Patel treated me for skin cancer on my neck.

James Silva
Dr. Patel Recommendation

Dr. Patel is very good to work with. Very knowledgeable and helpful with my unique situation. All his office and radiology staff are very kind and make me feel comfortable.

Anita Y.

Dr. Patel was informational. No regrets so far. Will see how the tumor responds.

Dr. Patel is very thorough and very knowledgeable. I and my family love him or else we wouldn’t be here. We were all very comfortable with him. We would definitely recommend him.

Juanita Baker (daughter helping with review here)
very kind-hearted doctor

I was made very comfortable and I feel like I got all he information I needed from Dr. Patel. He was non-judgmental. He is very kind-hearted and wants the best for his patients. He has beautiful opal rings. I have never seen one of that size.-

Cindy M. Bauer

All 5s for me. Dr. Patel has been really nice and taken the time to speak with me and I really appreciate it.

very satisfied

I am very satisfied with what Dr. Patel is doing. I have no complaints. I should have listened more to Dr. Patel and started the treatment sooner but anyway doing it now. Dr. Patel is treating me for thymoma.

Robert Garcia
very positive experience

Dr. Patel presents himself well. He is very informative. My overall experience has been very positive. I felt very comfortable. I am getting treated for anus cancer with hopes of cure.

Larhonda Darst

Dr. Patel started my treatment promptly. My wife had a great interaction with him and was happy after that. I had hysteria given how delayed my treatment was. Dr. Patel was very honest and straightforward. He answered all of my questions. His knowledge base is great. He gives a lot of time to…

Bobby Jones, prostate cancer patient
Caring prostate cancer treatment

If I had to do it again, I would be back here. Dr. Patel is knowledgeable. But he also pays attention to what you are saying. Not all doctors do that.

David Thompson
Good doctor but one bad apple in the bin

Dr. Patel is caring, honest, and has good communication. He is honest and compassionate.
He is truly concerned about patients and that they understand the treatment. Front office staff is lovely. One radiation therapist had poor social skills and lacked compassion.

breast cancer patient

staff here are given a 10. Dr. Patel is a really good doctor.

Maria Guzman.
Very kind doctor

Dr. Patel is a very good doctor. He is very kind. He really cares about his patients.

Yolanda Trujillo
very nice doctor

very happy with the care he has received so far. everyone is very nice

Prostate cancer pt
The joyful Doctor

DR Patel is an amazing, young, forward thinking Doctor that I have ever met in my life. His vast knowledge in his specialty, along with his warm empathy is something that is truly rare. I have been to many Doctors in my life; therefore I can honestly say he is the best human being to be called a…

David Vasquez
highly recommend

I would highly recommend Doctor Patel. He answers questions for questions I had for my prostate cancer. Amazing doc.

Luis Olivares

I really really highly recommend Doctor Patel, I finished my radiation treatment a month ago it was 6 weeks of radiation. Of course you don’t ever want to have this treatment done but when you have an amazing Doctor like Doctor Patel everything goes so smoothly and you don’t have any doubts or…

Linda Prado
Excellent knowledge and very caring

I saw Dr. Patel for my cavernous sinus meningioma. Dr. Patel was very thorough. He explained the details about the types of meningiomos, surgical options, and dosing details for each mengioma type. Dr. Patel is very knowledgeable. Excellent. He explained everything. Very personable. His…

Brenda Sotamayor.
very good doctor

the doctor explained the case very carefully, which satisfied us very much. also very friendly to us, understand our situation try to get the best help for us. great doctor

xia li
Excellent Education and Knowledge!

Dr. Patel is very informative! He put our mind at ease. He went over everything and took the time to explain the process. My Dad and I are looking forward in this process with Dr. Patel. We strongly feel that we are in good healing hands with Dr. Patel.

M. Snelling

Dr. Patel is an amazing Radiation Oncologist. So grateful to have been referred to a doctor that is truly passionate about his field of expertise and his patients well being. Dr. Patel is extremely informative (always willing to share), patient, compassionate, and has a flawless ability to…


very sincere. takes time with his patients. Treat patients like family, not like a assembly. He got a very good aura around him and I feel I don’t know like my whole demeanor everything changes when I come to see him. I get the chills and goosebumps when I meet him. I told my sister this doctor…

Ruth Sandoval
Prostate cancer treatment

doing prostate cancer treatment. i feel better and comfortable with Dr. Patel. He is more friendly with his patients.

Assad Sultani
doctor vist

the visit went very well, the doctor was able to expand what is happening and what was best needed .

He`s a great guy, very formative and helpful in answering all our questions, and making us very comfortable with what decision we make , all around nice guy

George Wharton
Excellent care and confident

We are very pleased to find this doctor because he give us really good perspective on my wife’s cancer. He gave us confidence about the treatment that he will be doing. I am so glad to find him. Before she met Dr. Patel, wife was not feeling good. Dr. Patel filled her with confidence. We are…

Pura Vida (Pure life) from Costa Rica
Office staff issue

This is my second time seeing Dr. Patel for treatment. I am impressed and pleased with his compassion and urgency to begin treatments. Last year I was sent straight from the Oncologist’s office to see Dr. Patel. I was shocked that I was actually able to see him that day.
This time however, I was…

Informative, knowledgeable.

Dr.Patel has been letting me know what is really going on with this cancer and I am very apperciated in his doing so.I feel i am in good hands now. I did not hear the stuff he told me from anybody else. he checked on my medicines and showed me the radiation treatment plan he planned urgently. …

Jamie Griffith

Great doctor. I recommend him 100 percent. I give him 5 stars. Other doctors don’t give time. Doctor Patel gives lot of time to his patients. He is excellent

Cleofas Contreras

Great. I am very confident in the doctor. He is very thorough.

Marian Cunningham
Outstanding Doctor

Dr. Patel is an extremely knowledgeable and caring physician. He always spends as much time as needed to answer all your questions. Dr Patel shows great compassion for your mental health as well.

Clint Peterson

Very great communication and friendliness and overall great experience. Dr. Patel was wonderful. Dr. Patel is the one who attended us and I am very happy to do this review.

Ismael Orozco.

great customer service

B. Guillen



i liked the way he explained evrything to me. he was also really nice

Margarita Barbosa
Very excellent doctor

I am very happy with my Doctor. very professional. he explains everything perfect. I m so comfortable with this doctor. My Doctor, he has the best smile, I am so relaxed when he talks to me. very question I ask, he answers perfect. I will recommend my Doctor a 100% to anyone. My daughter…

Lucia Mendes
Amazing place

Doctors and staff are very nice and considerate, compassionate. They make you feel like a person, not a number. I actually enjoy coming here. Doctor is compassionate, kind, and listens to the patient. Great doctor.

Vita Alvarez.
very caring!

Everybody is very patient and caring.

Patricia Getreu
Radiation Treatments

Friendly, professional staff. Dr. Patel answered all my questions – clear, complete explanations. Staff was attentive to my needs for assistance as a wheelchair patient.

Cancer treatment
Best oncologist I could find.

Dr. Vatsal Patel is a great doctor. He is a great oncologist. He always engages with his patients and cares deeply about his patients. He strives to provide the best possible care for his patients. He even took time and effort to address my medical concerns that were not related to my cancer,…

Bertha Meza-Hernandez.
Excellent oncologist!

I would say that Dr. Patel is an excellent doctor. He is very friendly and I would definitely recommend him. I saw him for my breast cancer treatment and he took the time to answer all of my questions to my satisfaction. I am grateful that Kaiser referred me to him. Highly recommend him.

Valencia-Farias, Norma.
Very caring

Dr. Patel is a very caring and understanding individual. He treated me for my prostate cancer. My PSA is reduced in half. I had a great short course of radiation therapy for my prostate cancer with him. I highly recommend him. I would definitely recommend him.

Anthony Sumahit
Incredible Doctor.

We experienced him to be very kind, anxious for us to be able to understand all that was about to happen, and patient with any questions. Also willing to listen.

Brian Kennedy
Amazing Doctor

Dr. Patel is AMAZING! My husband was diagnosed with Glioblastoma. We were very nervous about treatment and not knowing what to expect. When we first met with him, he did everything in his power to get him started with radiation ASAP. He is very personable and knowledgeable. His response to messages…

Glioblastoma Wife
Excellent Service by Dr. Patel

Dr. Patel is excellent. I am happy with the service he provided for my breast cancer. He knows what he is doing. He is very confident and very competent and friendly as well.

Lilia Cordova
Positive Progression with Dr. Patel

I trust Dr. Patel very much. My experience with Dr. Patel has been outstanding. 5 stars, even 10 stars doctor if I could. I am outspoken person. I am so ecstatic to get my radiation treatment with him. Dr. Patel treating me for my basal cell carcinoma on my nose. Surgery would have disfigured…

Joseph F Murray

I learned a lot about my condition from Dr. Patel. He explained to me the pros and cons of the treatment. I learned a lot about my treatment with him. I also learned a lot about consequences of radiation to my heart. Dr. Patel is a very sensitive human being who cares a lot about his patients…

Maribel Contreras
Exceptional care by Dr. Patel

Dr. Patel treated my father for a massive tumor in his armpit and elbow joint. My dad is Spanish-speaking only. Dr. Patel was always respectful of language barriers and gave his best to deliver top-notch care for my father. Dr. Patel treated him as a person and even referred him for more imaging…

Contreras-Galves, P.
Excellent, genuine doctor

I really like Dr. Patel. He took great care of me. He treated me for my breast cancer. He is very excellent doctor. He really wants to help people, he is genuine. I highly recommend him.

Breast cancer patient (“Sweetheart” – nick name)
Compassionate great treatment response

Dr. Patel takes the time to explain things. Dr. Patel treated me for my esophageal cancer. Recent PET/CT shows that the tumor has regressed. Prior to radiation, it was questionable whether I would be a candidate for surgery or not. Surgery is required for cure for my case. I am very hopeful…

Esophageal cancer patient
Extremely knowledgeable doctor!

If I have questions, Dr. Patel was there to answer them all. He is a very educated doctor. He gave me the right answers for my situation. Dr. Patel treated me for my lung cancer with radiation therapy. After the end of chemoradiation, I was supposed to be on immunotherapy with Durvalumab. I…

Lung cancer patient
One hundred percent

Best visit with doctor.Dr Patel has very good bedside manners , very genius, very knowledgeable, very professional throughly explain things , spent quality of time with patient until they understand plan of treatment.

Manpreet Mann

Dr. Patel is a very handsome doctor (like my mother says he is a handsome dude) He is currently treating my mother for a horrific inoperable tumor on her face. Based on surgery opinion and another radiation oncology opinion, my daughter decided that this was an incurable disease. Dr. Patel…

Monica (“Mommika”) Baker on behalf of Christie Thr
Great Doctor!

Dr. Vatsal Patel is very attentive to me. He answers all of my questions and concerns. He was very reassuring in regards to addressing radiation related side effects that were managed very well. Dr. Patel has a very clear and precise communication style. He evinces polite, patient nature – very…

Gloria Machado.
Excellent care

I had skin cancer on my face. I had surgery for that. Then I was referred to Dr. Patel for radiation therapy. I had 33 treatments for cancer. The care rendered was very good. Dr. Patel was super good. He managed the radiation induced skin toxicity very well. I got through entire treatment…

Skin care patient

Everyone in this facility is kind and caring. My team goes out of their way to make sure I am comfortable and doing well. Dr. Patel truly cares about my well being- mentally and physically and for that, I am grateful. He is thorough and kind and makes navigating through this tough time easier.

Review of Dr. Vatsal Patel

From my first visit with Dr. Patel, he instilled in me a confidence that he understood what I was dealing with and would assure that the treatment I received would have the most desirable outcome. He was excellent at explaining to me what the treatment would involve and how I could expect to feel…

Karen Kiss
Caring and compassionate doctor

Dr Patel is very compassionate. I am very pleased with him because he’s helping me get through a cancer scare I’m really scared of. He always listens and answers all of my questions. He gets straight to the point. He explained my cancer situation very well. His bedside mannerisms are excellent. I…

Prostate cancer patient
Blessed to have Dr. Vatsal Patel

Dr. Patel is so nice. He has been a blessing for us. He was able to treat my nephew Carlos Perez with great compassion. We trust him fully. He is getting the right treatment for a rare brain tumor hemangiopericytoma.

On behalf of Carlos Perez
Genuinely caring and compassionate

Dr. Patel is without a doubt one of the best doctors I’ve ever had. Every visit was compassionate and he listened to any and all concerns raised by me and my spouse. Every expectation and potential outcome thoroughly and honestly explained before treatment and often readdressed so there was no…

Dominic Biles

My first impression of Dr. Patel was that of a very charismatic young doctor with a very bright and inquisitive mind. He took ownership of my health during a very difficult time in my life. He turned out to be the most conscientious doctor I have met. He was my rock. Under his care, the stage…

Ms. Berritto, Modesto CA.

Hello Dr. Patel,
Cancer is such a scary journey. Don and I are so impressed to have you as our radiation oncologist. You are the most caring doctor we have ever encountered. You explain everything so well and give us hope for a fully recovery. We are so excited to find out that Don’s tumor went…

Don + Ingrid Treadway

Dr.Patel was wonderful while I was going through my treatments
Also taking the time to listen and thoroughly explain everything in great details.. never felt rushed always spent adequate time with me ..the entire staff was so nice and so very caring

Exceptionally competent and proficient oncologist!

I have seen many doctors in my life. Dr. Patel is a rare gem- very different from other doctors. He really cared for me as if I were his family member. I had surgery for my prostate cancer at Kaiser. It failed. I was referred to Dr. Patel for salvage radiation therapy. He ordered PSMA PET/CT…

an awesome oncologist!

My radiation treatment was on hold. Due to the duality of my two conflicting pathology reports, I was waiting on additional test result to help us make decision on whether to have chemo or no chemo. I was worried that time is passing without any treatment, so I reached out to Dr. Patel. He was…

Exceptional care for head and neck cancer

Dr. Patel literally saved my life for what was an impossible situation – a p16 negative Locally advanced squamous cell carcinoma of the oral tongue Stage IV. My care was neglected for six months. My medical oncologist told me I would die. I lost weight and could not speak or eat. Dr. Patel sent me…

Matthew Young

Dr. Patel is an amazing doctor. Very caring and compassionate. He will go over a beyond to make your care easier. His staff is wonderful with each and every patient. I highly recommend this office. Thank you all for making this experience a little easier.

Heather Bronson

Dr. Patel is genuine and sees the individual in front of him. I felt that I was able to be frank with him and discuss my concerns. It didn’t matter if I had the same question or concern over and over again, he would stop what he was doing and take the added time to address my questions and concerns…

CC, Modesto

In the often dehumanizing journey through the diagnosis and treatment of cancer, every visit to Dr. Patel’s office feels like a reminder that you are more than just a case, a patient or a diagnosis. Without exception the entire staff has been kind and courteous and at the same time, very…

I went through radiation twice with Dr. Patel. Once on my breast and once on my undereye. Dr. Patel was amazing throughout my radiations there. We had weekly meetings to talk about the treatments and ask each other questions about my health and well being. I felt very comfortable in his care. His…

Dr. Patel is a great and very competent doctor. Very knowledgeable and intelligent, yet very personable. I trust his treatment plan and would highly recommend him!

Debbie G
Great Job Dr Patel

I was diagnosed with Prostrate Cancer in early 2021. My physician at First Physicians Partners referred me to Dr Patel. I was fully informed by my urologist about removing my prostrate prior to visiting Dr Patel. Dr Patel was very informative and understanding of my situation and feelings. Dr Patel…

Jerry Freitas

My husband was referred to this facility for his radiation treatment plan. We were both concerned after his diagnosis and when we met with Dr Patel on the first visit, his professionalism and warm concerning manner explaining the treatment plan gave us both confidence in Dr Patel. His office and…

Lloyd and Barbara Vargas
Tele Consultation Cancer Care

After my dad got diagnosed with ‘Angiosarcoma’ on face, I came across the research paper published by Dr. Vatsal Patel about the successful treatment of the disease on his patient. This gave me new hopes and I casually reached out to him over email for help. Since I am based in Sri Lanka and…


Dr. Patel was very fast in starting my grandfathers radiation therapy. The staff also worked around any of the difficulties we faced. They were very well understanding of having a language barrier.

Caring doctor

Dr Patel and his entire staff are the most professional, knowledgeable, caring group of people. He spends time with his patients, listens intently to my concerns then makes recommendations that make me feel confident that I am receiving the most up to date and best care available for my condition….

Garrick M
Cancer Care

The staff were excellent and very positive.The Dr. Was very good and professional, answered all my questions in a positive manner.He explained the whole procedure and was very reassuring.

Harold Sarrels
Great care

Informed me and my daughter of everything that was going on. Pain started going away the first week and just kept getting better from there.

Randy Fisher

I’m so happy with the visit very professional friendly and everybody is always happy


I would highly recommend Dr. Patel to anyone who is in need of radiation treatment. He is very courteous, he treated me and my concerns as a person not just another patient. He did not have a problem answering any questions me or my wife had for him. The staff at the clinic are very pleasant to…

Brian K.

My visits with Dr Patel were very good he’s a great doctor he told me the truth about my situation witch want very good he was very upfront about what you had to do to get better no sugar coating anything which is what I needed to get to the point of where I am now ,I came in with severe pain in my…

Bernadine Ramos

I am very happy with the result of Dr. Patel’s treatment. The staff are all helpful and friendly.

Great Oncologist

Dr. V. Patel is friendly, ease to speak to, sincere, listens and answeres questions, personable, and has a great sense of human. He has study at Harvard & interned at MD Anderson Center in Houston TX. Both are prestigious institutions in the USA. My husbands face cancer is healing from the…

Dan & Karen N.

When I had my first consultation with Dr. Patel I immediately could tell that he was dedicated to providing high quality, comprehensive care in regards to my rectal cancer. He went as far as to work on the weekend to formulate a detailed radiation plan for my specific cancer.
Dr. Patel was without…

Judy Delgadillo
Great Doctor

Dr. Patel does a great job. He is the best!!

He’s a very caring, kind, and a great specialist.

Wonderful experience with Dr. Patel. Easy scheduling, entire treatment went smooth and better than anticipated. Very comforting to know, even after treatment you can reach out to him with any questions or concerns. Thank you Dr. Patel

SBRT with Dr. Vatsal Patel

I had five sessions of highly precise high dose SBRT treatments with Dr. Vatsal B. Patel as my primary doctor regarding my cancer. My initial appointment with Dr. Patel was very informative regarding the procedure going forward through the last treatment. I left the appointment feeling very…

Carl Wackerly

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in middle of biopsy and surgery done by Kaiser.kaiser referred me to dr.Patel.Dr.patel was very understanding my situation and feeling.dr.Patel very caring.he never pressuring me.I made my own decision.My radiation about six weeks done.I felt very…

Gurwinder Dhaliwal

Dr Patel was very patient and took the time make sure I understood everything going forward. He listened attentively to my questions and concerns.


very good

Dr. Patel has a genuine care for his patients. He explains things in a way you can understand and he listens to you. He is passionate in his work and tells you to contact him directly if you have any concerns throughout your treatment. I find that comforting. Dr. Patel and staff are highly…

Katherine Acosta
Dr Patel & Cancer

I am so glad & fortunate Kaiser Permanente referred me to Dr Patel Oncology Radiation. He is an expert in his field of medicine. He helped to make me very comfortable & has assured me that the cancer “will be melted off your leg.” His personality is upbeat, friendly, he listens & gives regular…

Elizabeth Verarde

I thought that the doctor was very forthright and honest with me. He took time to explain things to me and I really felt confident in his care for me

Cindy Rochelle
Gave me more time with my mother

Last year my mother had a large, rapidly growing tumor on her spine. Dr. Patel was very knowledgeable and pushed as much localized radiation as he could. This treatment, coupled with a reduction in pain meds literally gave me my mother back. The cancer eventually took her months later but prior to…

Matt m
Professional and Compassionate

My 77 year old mother had a very aggressive skin cancer that grew rapidly, and Dr. Patel created an aggressive treatment plan that was highly successful. The cancer is gone and her harm is nearly back to normal. We are so blessed and thankful that God brought Dr. Patel into our lives during this…

Gwen Cothern
Such an OUTSTANDING experience

In all respects, consideration, bedside manner, ease of communication, proficiency in producing the best individualized radiation plan…Dr. Patel exceeded all expectations and made a very difficult time actually something I looked forward to. Don’t hesitate to put yourself in his capable hands!

Lisa Barrios

Friendly, professional, thorough, and effective. I like him as a doctor and as a person.


He is willing to take time to talk and answer all your questions. He has a pleasant demeanor as well as his staff. He took care of my cancer on my ear, nose and cheek. I would recommend him.

Richard Marmon

I received excellent care with Dr. Patel and his staff. Very courteous and kind.

Carl Ott

Dr. Vatsal Patel was one of my oncologists in the treatment of my local advanced colorectal cancer. Dr Patel was the first doctor to explain to me in detail my cancer type, the stage, the prognosis, and anticipated potential side effects from treatment. He took the time to listen to me and answered…

Danielle Bellini

Very nice doctor. Listen to you. He asked questions. He answered my questions. Always asked if I need anything else, if I have any further questions I can always call his office and he would return you call with answers. Treated you like family.

Christine Schurer

Dr Patel is a really nice doctor. He advised me on everything and set me up. I would tell other cancer patients to see him. He is extremely knowledgeable. He asked me the right questions and managed my side effects with free lotion samples. He spends time with his patients and really cares for them. I highly recommend him.

Dr Patel treated me very well and now I am cancer free. Thanks for all he did for my family. If we had questions he would listen and answer them. Thank again

Dr. Patel’s knowledge, care and kindness was an unexpected blessing during a stressful and scary time. My Father was his patient and looked forward to seeing Dr. Patel and felt very secure in his care as did all of our family. Dr. Patel went above and beyond time and time again. To know that Dr. Patel was “in our corner” gave us great comfort. We learned a lot from him about the kind of cancer my Father had which made us feel much more empowered.

It is my great privilege to write this recommendation for Dr Vastel Patel. I was diagnosed with fourth stage rectal cancer which has metastasized to my brain stem. I am almost 76 years old and NEVER have I received such conscientious care from a physician. Dr. Patel desires to be precise in his treatment. He goes the extra mile planning and researching what is best for each patient! Dr. Patel also takes a great deal of time with his patients. He listens to his patients which is very important! In addition to knowledge that he already has, he is willing to seek input from others and garner information that will be helpful in treatment. My personal experience with Dr. Patel has been superior! I rate this doctor 10 stars!!

Cancer is a very scary experience. Dr Patel is very informative and very professional. He’s very comforting. When I first developed cancer on my neck, it was very scary. I could not get answers from anybody. I was balled around for several months as my cancer kept growing. Dr Patel was very expedient in his service which is very good since I really wanted some answers. I like the fact that he answered every question I had for last 6 months in one visit. He’s also expediting my treatment. When you hear cancer, it’s kind of scary. It’s overwhelming. My family was scared too that I might die of cancer. Dr Patel gave me a lot of Hope in treatment of my tonsil cancer. I thought it was lymphoma first. Dr Patel clarified that it’s squamous cell carcinoma. I would definitely recommend him with five stars.

William Rupe

Dr.Patel is very respectful. Everyone has been very nice. Dr Vatsal Patel is treating me for my laryngeal cancer. For few years my cancer was ignored and kept growing. When I got to Dr Patel, he coordinated tracheostomy emergently. He tried to coordinate dental care too but ran into insurance issues. Now I am getting radiation with him. Dr Patel is always polite and has a very caring team. I highly recommend him thumbs up.

Sweetin Sweetin

I’m not sure why Google took down my previous review. Dr Patel has treated me twice for my cervical cancer and is now treating me a third time. I was treated by him last year. The tumor resolved. Thereafter, it recurred in the retroperitonium. It disappeared again with the aggressive radiation treatments this year. Now the tumor is in the left neck which is also being treated by Dr Patel. Dr. Patel has got to be heaven sent, this doctor is awsome he listens to you and most important he really really does care about you. He saved my life. What more could I say about him? I can honestly say that he is heaven sent. THANK GOD FOR DOCTORS LIKE Dr. Patel. His staff is very nice. They are polite and courteous. They make you feel at home. I am forever grateful for the exceptional lice saving treatments rendered by Dr Patel. The treatments that he gave me and saved my life The world would be saved with more doctors like Dr. Patel Please do not delete my review again. Thank you.

Martha Padilla

Dr Vatsal Patel has really amazing bedside mannerisms. I and my dad John Barajas would give him a 10, but since we can only give a 5, I will keep 5 for later. When my dad first came to Dr Patel, he was in a lot of pain. Now he have none. He actually feels really good. Dr Patel designed an aggressive radiation plan to help get rid of pain. My dad doesn’t like the chemo and it did not work to help with the pain. Dr Patel has been a joy to be with. He knows what he is doing. He is in charge and does his homework. He spends a lot of time with the patient and the family, never rushing us. We really appreciate how much time he takes to explain things to us even when he is extremely busy. Highly recommend him.

Arlene Soliz

Dr. Patel is the doctor everyone prays to have. The staff is wondrrful. I want to let everyone know that my treatments have had a w positive result. Doctor Patel is simply the best doctor amyone could ever have Dr Patel explains every detail of my cancer he is the doctor you want at your side cause once you meet and talk to Dr Patel you know you are in the best hands

Martha Padilla

Dr Patel was pleasant. He and his staff were very prompt. When you go to a doctor, you don’t know what to expect. Dr Patel explained everything very well for my dad’s skin cancer.

Silvia Hernandez

Compassionate doctor for Dupeytren’s Contracture

Walking in here, I was very apprehensive but the moment I came in to see Dr. Patel, I was completely put at ease by Dr. Patel’s demeanor and his staff. Everything was explained to me in completeness, nobody talked over my head or talked down to me. Everything was completely easy to understand. As a result, going into the treatment I understood what was being done. Dr. Patel was very meticulous, very compassionate. I was in extremely knowledgeable hands and that was important to me. The treatment was working. I was discouraged to get radiation treatment for discouraged my Dupeytren’s contracture. I had great outcome with Dr. Patel’s treatment and all my symptoms from it are now gone. I did my research and my research led me to Dr. Patel. Dr. Patel was well-versed in literature for this condition. He treated me as an individual and it made all of the difference. He treated me and my case as an individual and not a statistic. He treated me as a whole and not as a symptom.

Ginnie Munns

Doctor Patel was very informative. He went into great detail about explaining what I should look forward to, what the effects will be, what the treatment plan would be. He is very personable.

Sharon Date

Extremely nice environment. Everyone is very warm. Dr Patel is very knowledgeable and explain all situations. I’m getting treated with Dr Patel for my base of tongue tumor

Ernest Lopez

I am being taken care of under a wonderful care team with Dr Vatsal Patel. I feel very comfortable talking to him. He did SBRT for my lung and treated me twice last year as well.

Victoria Sybil