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Vatsal Patel Vrsai

GENRE: Comedy Drama.

LOGLINE: Victor Fuego, a quirky and biracial medical resident, who is loved by his cancer patients, becomes an enigma for the bureaucratic Cancer Center.

TAGLINE: Difference between Life and Death is One Breath...Live Passionately.

SYNOPSIS: Cancer is a comedy drama inspired by true life experiences. It showcases the challenging life journey of quirky and biracial oncology resident Victor Fuego, who drops out of Harvard radiology residency to join a radiation oncology residency at a Spa-styled bureaucratic Cancer Center. Raised by two enigmatic women – an Indian grandma and a Hispanic mother, adorable Victor is wild and unruly yet naïve and vulnerable. He loves riding horses in the wild, swimming in rivers, and his cancer patients love him. However, he is constantly considered a misfit and is misjudged by medical professionals who fail to fathom his idiosyncrasies, compassion, and unconventional intelligence. With its diverse cast, Cancer conveys episodic educational and humanitarian messages that are very relevant to cultural discussions nationally in US healthcare. It highlights the struggle of a resident in midst of corporate hierarchy with its relatable characters. Cancer is a tale of faith, service and uplifting achievement of Victor who must transform into an astute, suave, and competent radiation oncologist, transcending barriers of passive aggressive medical hierarchical coercion and personal chaos.

US and LA premiere screening: on the historic Hollywood Walk of Fame at Hollywood Blvd at the globally renowned TLC Chinese Theater in LA in February of 2020 through the amazing Golden State Film Festival!

Future screenings: in Chicago, Miami, and Jacksonville, Florida.
- 29 International Official Selections (25 IMDb qualifying).
- Best Shorts Award Winner.
- 30 International Awards/Winner, majority IMDb qualifying.
- 2 Finalists, Best Actor (lead), Best TV series, Best Short Film.
- 1 Semi-finalist for Best TV series.
- 9 Countries: US, Italy, Germany, Singapore, India, England, Canada, Bhutan, Slovakia Republic.
- 3 months since submission.

TV pilot Cancer Awards/Recognition/Official Selection List:
- Hollywood Dreams International Film Festival and Writer’s Competition. Finalist for Webisodes/new media/pilots.
- Northeast Mountain Film Festival. Selected for “Best Comedy.”
- Acorazado Film Festival. Selected for Best Short Film Fiction.
- Culver City Film Festival. Selected in General Submission Category.
- Out of the Can International Film Festival. Selected for Best Series/Program Pilot.
- Boobs and Blood International Film Festival. Finalist in Short Film Category.
- Web Series Festival Global. Semi-Finalist for Web Series Pilot.
- The Indie Gathering International Film Festival. Selected for TV Pilot/Web Episode Film category.
- Official Selection: INTERNATIONAL NEW YORK FILM FESTIVAL. Best Actor Award, New York City - IMDb qualifier. Gold Winner for Best Actor for Romance/Comedy (lead actor).
- LA-based Golden State Film Festival: Cancer screened at the historic Chinese Theaters in Hollywood LA in Feb 2020!
- South-east Regional Film Festival: Cancer will be screened in theater in Jacksonville, Florida.
- Best Shorts Award of Recognition winner in 4 categories: TV pilot, lead actor, screenplay, and originality/creativity. IMDb qualifying awards.
- Oniros Film Awards Film Festival (Italy and LA based). Award Winner for Best Web series (winner) Best Actor Debut (lead - winner), Best Casting Ensemble, Best 1st Time producer, Best Actor Listing. Honorable Mention (Ensemble). IMDb qualifying awards. - World Film Carnival, Singapore. Two IMDb qualifier awards: 1) Best Actor and 2) Best TV series.
- Hollywood Blood Horror Film Festival, Award Winner for Best Dark Comedy Shorts and Best Costume Design. IMDb qualifying film festival.
- Calcutta International Cult Film Festival Winner in Best TV pilot category, an official member of Film Society of Lincoln, New York and an IMDb qualifier event. Annual Nominee for the Prestigious Golden Fox Awards - chosen out of 5000 films.
- Canadian Cinematography Awards. IMDb qualifying. Finalist for Best Comedy and Finalist for Best Actor.
- Cult Critics Movie Awards Film Festival Award Winner for 1) Best Web and New Media - Winner 2) Best Actor - Outstanding Achievement Award 3) Best Debut Filmmaker - Outstanding Achievement Award. An IMDb qualifier event.
- Florence Film Awards. Honorable Mention for 1) Best TV series 2) Actor 3) Production Design. IMDb qualifying film festival. Nominee for annual award. Invited to Odeon theater in Italy for the ceremony.
- Virgin Spring Cinefest Film Festival, Award Winner. Silver Award for Best Web/New Media. IMDb qualifying film festival.
- Kosice International Film Festival from Slovakia. Best TV series Award Winner. - Druk International Film Festival from Bhutan, IMDb qualifier awards: 1) Critics Choice Award for Best Actor (lead) and 2) Best TV Pilot Winner.
- Various Artists Independent Film Festival, Official Selection in 2020. As nominee#1 for the quarterly competition, it will be screened live in Chicago in October 2020. - Mabig Film Festival, IMDb qualifying film festival from Germany. Official Selection. Final status pending.
- IndieX Film Fest, LA based - Finalist. Certificate of Achievement. An IMDb qualifier festival.
- Indie Short Fest, LA based - Finalist. Certificate of Achievement. An IMDb qualifier festival.
- Prisma Independent Film Festival (Rome based). IMDB qualifying film festival. - Miami Web Series Festival. Official Selection 2020.
- Accolade Global Film Competition, Best TV series Official selection, final status pending. IMDb qualifier.
- Moody Crab Film Fest from Punjab, India. Official Selection.
- Tagore International Film Festival. Award Winner 1) Best Debut Filmmaker. 2) Best TV series. IMDb qualifying film festival.
- Beverly Hills based prestigious 24th Annual Fade Awards for TV Pilot and Web Series. Semi-Finalist.

Cancer pilot was made on a very low budget for the vast scale of the project, shooting completed in 4.5 consecutive days at 5 different locations, with minimal rehearsals, minimal retakes, with 25-30 largely amateur or non-professional actors from different walks of life. With no prior experience on camera, Dr. Patel debuted himself as a (lead actor), a screenwriter, a producer, and a co-director, through this highly successful debut project in the film festival circuit. ‘Cancer’ went on to win 40+ awards from 9 different countries.

Vatsal Patel Vrsai
Vatsal Patel Vrsai
Vatsal Patel Vrsai
Vatsal Patel Vrsai
Vatsal Patel Vrsai