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Dr. Vatsal B. Patel, MD, MBA, DABR, is a US-trained cancer specialty doctor, a highly prolific and versatile author, multiple award-winning screenwriter, actor, filmmaker, athlete, and philanthropists with a vision to make the world a better place.

Dr. Vatsal B. Patel is a 36-year-old US Board-Certified Radiation Oncologist. He is a first-generation immigrant who arrived in the US at the age of 16. Raised by his widowed mother and widowed grandmother, Dr. Patel started his life in the US with humble beginnings.

He completed his senior year of high school at O. H. Platt High School in Meriden, Connecticut. He then completed his Bachelor of Science in Molecular and Cell Biology at the University of Connecticut, Storrs. He graduated with the highest honors Summa Cum Laude, University Scholar, Honors Scholar, and Phi Betta Kappa (induced as a junior), completing his honors thesis in behavioral neuroscience. He also earned minors in Physiology, Neurobiology, and Psychology/Neuroscience. He then completed a 5-year MD/MBA dual-degree program at the UCONN Health, Farmington, and UCONN Business School, Storrs. Following that, he did one year of Internal Medicine internship at the Yale-New Haven Hospital. Then he completed a year of Diagnostic Radiology at Yale before switching his career to Radiation Oncology. He completed his 4-year residency training in radiation oncology from UT Health SA MD Anderson Cancer Center. After that, he practiced as one of the only two radiation oncologists in the town of Sioux City, Iowa. There he treated all of the disease sites.

After that, he took a job in Modesto in Northern California, where he worked for GenesisCare, an Australian company located in the UK, Spain, and the USA. This company was the largest integrated provider of cancer care in the US.

In almost two years, Dr. Patel garnered 164 5-star patient reviews (verified by patients through personal email) on healthgrades.com, 16 5-star reviews on google, and 4 5-star reviews on RateMD.com.

Dr. Patel was heavily engaged in marketing efforts to increase clinic referrals from different medical providers, including primary care doctors. He was engaged in installing the Varian Edge and its commissioning, also helping build the SRS/SBRT program for that facility. With another colleague, Dr. Patel ran the busiest radiation oncology practice in the Central Valley of California with a word-of-mouth reputation, helping build it from scratch.

He had the opportunity to work with esteemed providers from Kaiser, UCSF, Stanford, and other local providers of oncologic care, earning a great reputation among these providers. He was honored by GenesisCare to serve on the CRG Committee for Prostate Cancer, which served as the National Advisory Board to GenesisCare for prostate cancer. As Dr. Patel gets ready to launch his 10 novels in 2023, he is looking for a career opportunity in oncology that would best fit his life and long-term goals. As an extreme workaholic at heart, he is now looking for a work-life balance to spend more time with his wife, his mother, his grandmother, his beloved German Shepherd Belle, and his creative artistic endeavors.


How was VRSAI born?

At the age of 36, Vatsal became divinely inspired by a series of incredible and challenging life events. This inspiration drove him to write 10 novels of different genres in a very short period of 6 months.

Vatsal aims to create a magnificent palace of vivid life experiences through artistic creations that rival the Palace of Versailles in beauty and splendor. The pronunciation of VRSAI resonates with that of Versailles in France. The 'V' in VRSAI stands for Vatsal, 'R' for Rudra, and 'SAI' for the highly revered Indian spiritual master and saint Sai Baba of Shirdi.

Rudra is Vatsal's male character's name – the character who represents the actor in him. Rudra is considered to be the 'Mightiest of the Mighty' deity in the ancient Rig Veda. The creation of VRSAI honors Vatsal's French muse in all of his books – his best friend and his beloved wife, Danielle.

What does the symbol for the VRSAI represent?

The gold-and-white-colored theme of the logo for VRSAI draws its inspiration from the Palace of Versailles for its beauty and glamor. The 'V' stands for Vatsal, 'D' stands for Danielle, and 'P' for Patel.

The downward-pointing triangle represents the descent of the Divine. The sun and moon at the top of the inverted triangle and above the letters represent entities that are beyond ordinary human perception of duality. We are using creative arts as a powerful tool to get closer to the universal Divine force by espousing social causes that are dear to us, making the world a better place to live.

Above D is a red dot that represents raw feminine power that gives life. There is a peacock feather within 'D.' Peacocks represent power, eternal beauty, resurrection, and divinity. In mortal perception, snakes and peacocks are enemies. However, in the divine design, they are in sync with the Creator and the Creation, each with its own value and significance.