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Vatsal B. Patel, MD, MBA, DABR, is a US-trained cancer specialty doctor, a highly prolific and versatile author, multiple award-winning screenwriter, actor, filmmaker, athlete, and philanthropists with a vision to make the world a better place.

Despite being a full-time oncologist, Dr. Vatsal Patel decided to pick up the pen and write about the bittersweet realities of our universe. His writings let you explore various possibilities, each transporting you to a world unknown. From romance and mystery to suspense and drama, his stories are universal. Dr. Vatsal Patel has a keen intellect and vivid imagination that influences his writings, making them versatile.

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“I have been Dr. Vatsal’s patient for years now. When I heard he’s planning on publishing his books, I was more than excited. He has a very insightful persona, and I would love to see how his books will come along. Can’t wait to get my copy of his book.”